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Season Interrupted

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on Dienstag, 25 November 2014

Season Interrupted from Gerry Creighton on Vimeo.

The 2014 racing season has come to an end and that can only mean one thing, time to relax and have some fun! I have to admit, I got caught up in striving for results this season and it wound up landing me in the hospital. It was a tough lesson to learn, but when you ride or race relaxed you perform better.


I had high hopes for this past enduro season, but I wound up missing several big races that I had planned on participating in. It wasn’t fun missing those events but that’s how it goes some times. Now that I’ve had time to recover, and just go out and ride for fun, I’m getting really psyched for 2015!


I live and train on some pretty flat terrain near Atlantic City, NJ so I have to drive an hour+ to get to some trail systems that have elevation. Thanks to Brice Shirbach, I'm getting familiar with the trails in Brandywine, DE. These trails run along the Brandywine Creek and probably max out at 400ft at the highest elevation. These trails offer a wide variety of trail types from typical east coast rock gardens to flowy contour trails and open field farm roads. 

We're fortunate to have some really nice trail systems nestled in pockets here in the Mid-Atlantic region all within short driving distance. To keep up to date on enduro events and info along the East Coast, please visit

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2015 Kore Catalogue

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on Sonntag, 23 November 2014

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 01

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 02

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 03

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 04

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 05

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 06

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 07

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 08

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 09

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 10

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 11

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 12

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 13

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 14

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 15

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 16

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 17

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 18

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 19

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 20

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 21

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 22

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 23

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 24

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 25

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 26

Kore 2015 Final hires Page 27

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Eurobike 2014

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on Montag, 20 Oktober 2014

We had our full line of products on display at Eurobike and Interbike 2014.

IMG 3444

We have every wheel configuration you could ever need. 135, 142, 150, 9mm, 15mm, 20mm, 29”, 650b, 26” … we even make custom wheels for kids. 

IMG 3447

For the XC riders and racers out there we have the Aerox cockpit line.

IMG 3451

For the adventurer out there or the Enduro racer we have Mega and Durox. Seen as OEM on a lot of All Mountain bikes in 2014 and 2015.

IMG 3454

For the DH racer or the weekend park rats we have OCD and Torsion. 

IMG 3458

For the DJ kids out there we have Rivera and it comes in a lot of colors. 

IMG 3460

Saddles of all shapes and sizes.

IMG 3462

Grips and pedals for every rider and to match any color build.

IMG 3464

Top caps and beer mugs, the beer was flowing again this year in the Kore booth.

IMG 3467

Coming soon? Infinite adjust seat post? CNC’d paper weight? Only time will tell.

IMG 3442

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Kamikaze Games with Simon Silver

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on Montag, 22 September 2014
I wanted to check in and share my my experience from the Kamikaze Games Speed & Style.
I went in to the competition with the simple hopes of having fun, and experiencing a new format of competition. After qualifying 5th I realized I had the chance to excel in this type of contest.
I battled for a spot on the podium in finals, and ended up with a 4th place finish! I am stoked on the Speed & Style form of competition, and am looking forward to doing more in the future! 

Thanks for the support as always!

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One Lap: Jackson Goldstone

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on Dienstag, 22 Juli 2014

Climb onboard with VitalMTB and follow Jackson down A-Line.

S780 G0030552 2

ONE LAP: Jackson Goldstone, A-Line, Whistler - More Mountain Bike Videos

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Blake Samson: Enter the Dragon

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on Dienstag, 22 Juli 2014


Growing up in Wales, the story of the red Welsh Dragon is one that you learn whilst you are toddling around. The historic battles that formed what Wales is today and the courageous Dragon that freed the citizens. With the red dragon flown proudly on the countries flag, it is a constant reminder of the times that once were.

Many centuries ago, dragons roamed the land. The dragons battled over every town and home in the land. An ice dragons cold hearts could plunder worlds into eternal winter. Trampled towns and cliff top battles was all that lay in the dragons wake. Until the red Dragon, saviour of the land, put an end to their wicked ways. Blood pouring from its chest, the red dragon took a final blow at the ice dragon, liberating the cities from its wintery past! Returning to its cave, the red dragon fell into an endless sleep, and was never seen again.

Until now!

Blake Samson steeds his Saracen Ariel down "Enter the Dragon" at BikePark Wales

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A Moment with Ollie Jones

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on Montag, 07 Juli 2014
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McKenna Merten: U.S. Gravity National Championships

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on Dienstag, 01 Juli 2014

The 2014 U.S. Gravity National Championships were held this past weekend at Angel Fire in

New Mexico. The fastest racers in the country came together for the biggest race on the U.S.

mountain biking calendar. Angel Fire Resort would be the host for a weekend of dual-slalom

and downhill racing, and the event would conclude by presenting the winners with the Stars and

Stripes National Championship jerseys.




Practice got under way first thing Thursday morning, and McKenna would have a very busy

four days, filled with practice and racing in two disciplines. The dual-slalom course was slightly

changed from last year, and was extremely dry and loose. Qualifying took place on Friday

afternoon, and McKenna qualified in seventh position. This put her up against the number 2

qualifier in her first round, and was unable to advance.




Downhill practice was held for several hours each day, and McKenna had ample time to get

up to speed on the extremely technical and challenging track. The course had several rough,

technical sections combined with super-fast, wide open parts. McKenna was loving the entire track

and got in plenty of practice runs each day. 


Sunday morning came soon enough, and McKenna

loaded the chairlift to the top. She was the first one to go in her category, and she had a great,

but “somewhat sketchy” run, crossing the finish line at 6:20, and good enough for first place.

McKenna earned the Stars and Stripes Jersey and is the 2014 U.S. Downhill Champion for

Junior Girls 11-12.



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Simon Silver: Spring Training

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on Donnerstag, 26 Juni 2014
Just got settled back in at home from a trip I made out to Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire, and wanted to share an update about the event.
I went out there last week for 'Spring Training' where we rode all day every day filming for media, and practicing our tricks. 
IMG 2689
Highland is unreal! I can't put down the Whistler Bike Park, but they sure have it all here. I learned lots of new tricks, and I'm feeling really confident on my bike overall, and looking forward to filming videos, and doing some contests this summer.
I'm planning on filming a 'Big Mountain' video in July, and attending Crankworx Whistler in August.
I've attached some photos from the event, for your use, with photography credit going to Ryan Thibault.
Thanks as always! Talk soon.
Simon Silver
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on Donnerstag, 19 Juni 2014

In this episode Matt heads from Christchurch down to Queenstown - A true mountain biking town - in preparation for the Farm Jam. On the way he stops off for a dip in Queenstown's crystal clear lakes and a bit of cliff diving. Then it's on to business: sessioning on the mulch jump and riding the the famous Dream Track! Watch as he effortlessly throws superflips, flatspin truckdrivers and more.

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Kore at Winterberg

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on Samstag, 07 Juni 2014

Jonas Janssen represented Kore at the Winterberg Slopestyle and Whip Off competitions last week. He was able to come 5th in the Slopestyle and he finished 1st in the Whip Off. Check out some of the pictures form the event. 

1632781 vz9gdwqjtll1 large

1632859 6bn8occhh6yp large

1633639 nvis9gx3hzur large

1633629 qafp9lvisgdw large

1634027 nmhfifjmdjj8 large

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April 2014 En-Kore

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on Freitag, 02 Mai 2014

1. Jackson Goldstone spent a couple of weeks in California before and after the Sea Otter Classic. He got his backflips dialled and it looks like he progressed a lot.

10007255 237752853093377 4407125741092160393 n

Here is a link to his Facebook page to check out what he got up to in April. It is worth the 20 minutes it will take.

2. Our riders popped up on the Pinkbike Picture of the Day a couple of times.


For more Blake Samson check out his Facebook page. 


For more Matt Jones check out his Facebook page. 

3. The Block Head Energy Team came out with their 2014 Promo.


We are stoked to be involved with this team, check out more here. 

4. Simon Silver is an Aptos local and he makes the best of living in a great riding location. 

Aptos jam 06

We expect big things from him this summer and we are enjoying watching him progress. For more click here.

5. The Sea Otter Classic came and went. It was a great time and it was good to see old friends.

IMG 9901617298849

For more from our booth click here. To follow us on Facebook click here.

It was great to see Blind Bobby in California, hanging out with him is always an inspiration.

10273416 611166055618637 6883067112684273413 n

For more about Bobby click here.

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2014 Sea Otter Classic

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on Mittwoch, 16 April 2014

The 2014 Sea Otter Classic finished this past weekend. We had a great show and the majority of our current product was on display. 

IMG 9901

We had everything from our cross country product to our gravity product laid out for everyone to see, touch and feel.

IMG 9886

The Mega bars come in both Carbon and Aluminum and got a lot of attention from the spectators passing by. These are the perfect bars for your all mountain bike or enduro racing.

IMG 9888

The OCD bars come in at 800mm wide and are the favourite bars for DH racers all over the world.

IMG 9890

For the dirt jumpers out there we have Rivera bars and stems, they come in a variety of colours to keep everyone happy.

IMG 9892

We also make a wheel to fit almost every bike out there. We had our 26”, 650b and 29er wheels on display.

IMG 9893

Right next to our booth Lil Shredder bikes had mini Kore wheels on their display bikes.

IMG 9911

They also had Kore bar, stem and grip combos on a bunch of their bikes.

IMG 9908

It was great to see all of our friends and sponsored riders at the show. Congrats to everyone on the team that made the podium.


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Wheelers MTB Holidays

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on Mittwoch, 02 April 2014

My name is Brett Wheeler I’m 27 years old and originally from Bournemouth in the UK but now live in Lousa central Portugal. After a successful motocross career and looking for new challenges I decided to change to compete in mountain bike dirt jump contents. In 2012 I stared riding downhill and started racing in 2013. In 2013 I managed 3 first places at regional events, 3rd at the southwest downhill championship along with a few other podium results and scoring my first UCI points in elite in Bulgaria. In 2014 I will be racing in in the expert category in as many European races that I can. 

Photo 2

But I am most excited about the business that I have started with my wife in Portugal. Wheelers Mountain Bike Holidays offers year round riding adventures in Lousa, Portugal. With year round lift assisted downhill, all mountain and enduro mountain biking. We offer qualified guides, airport transfer, all shuttles and an eight bed villa with pool, jacuzzi, WIFI, laundry, kitchen, satellite TV and secure bicycle storage.


Wheelers MTB Holidays also offers free skills coaching from a fully qualified MIAS level 1 and 2 coach. This will help riders of all skill levels to attack the trails and gain confidence come race day. We are also in a great location for winter training and testing for racers and team alike.


Wheelers Mountain Bike Holidays was started by Brett and Joana Wheeler to bring a riding holiday that is well suited for any type of riding that you may want to do in Portugal. The company is Portuguese registered and comply with all laws, insurance and financial that is needed in Portugal. For more information visit or email

Photo 1

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Fionn Griffiths to ride on Zerode bikes in 2014

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on Mittwoch, 02 April 2014

.British DH rider Fionn Griffiths has entered in to a partnership with the New Zealand based Zerode Bikes for the 2014 race season. Griffiths said; “I’m really happy to be working with a company that has such unique ideas in frame design. I can’t wait to get a solid first season on the Zerode G2 and I’m looking forward to promoting the bikes to help grow the brand both worldwide and in the UK.”Going in to the 2014 season Fionn continues her longterm partnership with Alpinestars and as well as welcoming new partners KORE Bike Components and UK based Wrigley’s Drinks Co. 

Zerode uk press release 2014

Fionn also released today that as of March 28th her company GR Management will be acting as the sole importer and distributor for the Zerode brand in the UK.  “You can check out the Zerode products at “We are currently taking orders for the 2014 Zerode G2, our first shipment of frames landed in the UK this morning and as this goes out to the world we are busy building my 2014 race bike for the coming season. I leave for the South Africa World Cup next monday so I will be trying to get as much time on the G2 as possible this week.“You can follow Fionn’s travels and race results throughout the season at which will be up and running in the next couple of days.

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March 2014 En-Kore

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on Montag, 31 März 2014

The Taipei Cycle Show is behind us and the Sea Otter Classic is just around the corner. If you are in Monterey be sure to stop by the Kore booth to say hello. With March came the rain and some warmer temperatures, more people are going out on their bikes and we here at Kore have been testing new products in the rain.

Let’s have a quick look at what happened this month.

1. Olie Burton Raced in Portugal in preparation for the first round of the BDS. 



Results from the first round of the BDS can be found by clicking here. 

2. We visited the Taipei Show, had our full line of product on display. We also go to go for a ride in the Taiwanese jungle.

IMG 96041406757209

For links to the full story click here. 

IMG 97571203130240

For more pictures from our amazing ride in Taiwan click here.

3. It was spring break in Canada and Jackson Goldstone took full advantage of his time off. He was also featured in an Indian Bike Magazine; Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine.

10003030 774663889220125 1700310697 n

1480613 232363443632318 1567490412 n

Click here to see Jackson training in his local skate park. 

4. Blake Samson showed us his new paint job and then he showed us what a super man looks like from his Kore Bar and Stem.

10155853 654003821332082 1285456188 n

1496664 654751157924015 535656607 n

5. Matt Jones talked about Woburn Sands and then got upside down with his hands off.

1524837 462095627254700 130237427 n

10157386 464420770355519 1576971655 n

We here at Kore are looking forward to the weather getting warmer and dryer. My mom is getting sick of washing my wet and muddy bike clothes every night.


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Catching Up: Simon Silver

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on Montag, 17 März 2014

KORE: This will be your first season riding for Kore, tells us a bit about yourself? What’s your name? How old are you? Where are you from?

Name: Simon Silver
Age: 18
From: Santa Cruz, California 


1525485 478935198882509 1653566127 n


KORE: Where do you ride most often?

Simon Silver: The place I ride most frequently is at the Post Office jumps in the town of Aptos. I feel very lucky to have the chance to ride there every day!


KORE: What kind of riding do you do the most?

Simon Silver: Honestly I dirt jump the most, but I also try to ride downhill, trails and free ride as much as I can.


KORE: What is your favorite place to ride?

Simon Silver: My favorite place to ride can not be narrowed down to one place! I’d have to say the Post Office, The Deer Camp and the Whistler Bike Park.


1932446 10152012842602183 2009889290 n


KORE: How did you get into mountain biking?

Simon Silver: When I was little, I went with a friend from karate class to see the premier of New World Disorder 7, I was hooked from then on and eventually my mom bought me a trail bike.

KORE: Who do you ride the most with?

Simon Silver: I’m super thankful to be able to ride with the people I look up to, I ride with all the up and coming kids from Aptos, as well as R-Dog, Ray George, Kyle Jameson, Greg Watts, Tyler and Cam McCaul and Jeff Herbertson to name a few! 


1975220 10152011040687183 805953986 n


KORE: What riders do you look up to?

Simon Silver: The riders I look up to most would be Graham Agassiz, Jamie Goldman, Kirt Voreis, Cedric Gracia and Cam McCaul.


KORE: What is your current bike set up?

Simon Silver: I’m riding a Specialized P3 for dirt jumping and a Scott Voltage for everything else! Both of my bikes have Kore wheels, bars, rips and stems!


KORE: What do you do when you are not riding?

Simon Silver: When I’m not riding, I’m at school, digging, at the gym, surfing or on the occasional snowboard trip!


1976973 10152003475447183 1355799710 n


KORE: What are your plans and goals for the 2014 season?

Simon Silver: For 2014, I plan on racing at the Sea Otter Classic, doing road trips to Colorado, Utah and Whistler, competing in the Outlaws of Dirt series and doing lots of really cool film projects!


KORE: What other companies are supporting you?

Simon Silver: Gamut, DZR, VP, G-Form, Sandbox, Arcade, SDG, WeAreCAGrown.


KORE: Anyone you would like to thank?

Simon Silver: Huge thanks to my parents, my friends at Epicenter Cycling, Rob Dunnet and Eric Z for letting me ride at his property!


1979481 10151997589422183 992106696 n


KORE:Where can people follow you online?

Simon Silver:,, and follow me on Instagram!! @simonsilvermtb

Thanks Kore! 2014 is going to be a great season!

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Kore Riding in Taiwan

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on Montag, 10 März 2014

The Jin Shui Ying Historical Trail starts on the west coast of Taiwan and finishes on the east.

IMG 9759

After riding the trail a couple of years ago with Aaron LaRocque (Mind Spark Cinema) and Richie Schley (MTB Legend), Ollie and I have wanted to do it again. For the video and pictures of the trip we did in 2012 click here. 

IMG 9765

We decided to rent a bus and take half a dozen friends riding in the Taiwanese jungle. 

IMG 9775

We met our bus driver Jerry at 9am and were at the trail head a couple of hours later.

IMG 9744

The ride starts with a little bit of an uphill that both Ollie and I totally forgot about, but once that was out of the way there was little uphill riding.

IMG 9792

For 19 kilometres (11.8 miles) the seven of us enjoyed single track through an untouched jungle.

IMG 9802

Riding in a rain cloud for most of the ride, slippery would be an understatement, the trail was laced with wet roots, slippery wood steps and slick clay. 

IMG 9757

Two hours after starting the ride we were in the river valley 1500 meters (4900 feet) below our starting point.

IMG 9832

All of us covered in mud and with smiles from ear to ear. 

IMG 9774

For more pictures head over to

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Taipei Cycle Show 2014

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on Sonntag, 09 März 2014

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and said hi last week in Taipei. For all of you that could not be there here is what the Kore Booth looked like.


IMG 9604


The backdrop picture is a rad picture of Matt Jones doing a nac nac on his Saracen Myst. I thought I shot it from a different angle but when I uploaded the pictures to my computer I didn’t have anything better than this. Here is the shot that made up the main backdrop. 


IMG 5595


IMG 9594

IMG 9596

IMG 9597

IMG 9598

IMG 9599

IMG 9600IMG 9602

IMG 9606

IMG 9607

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February 2014 En-Kore

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on Montag, 03 März 2014

Sea Otter is 40 days away and the Whistler Bike Park opens in 75 days. The official start to most people’s riding season is getting closer and closer. We here at Kore are concentrated on the Taipei Cycle Show which is this week in Taiwan. Here is a look back at what happened with Kore in February.

1. Matt Jones was active online, in print media and even out in the real world.


First Place and Best Trick at the Farm Jam in New Zealand. Click Here for more on the Farm Jam. Or Click Here.

1656314 432272766903653 75374174 n

Mountain Biking UK Cover.

2. Filip Polc races and wins a bunch of Urban DH Races.


Getting ready for the Urban DH World Series. 

Filip’s winning run in the first race.

3. Blake Samson rode his bike more than you did in February.

Viewer 620x786

For more pictures of Blake click here. 

Click here for Blake’s Pinkbike POD from the 24th of February. 

4. Transition Bikes' Lars Sternberg and Darrin Seeds race Enduro in South America.

Screen Shot 2014 02 24 at 11 55 59 PM1175909170

Read Lars’ words about the event here on the Kore Blog. 

And for a whole bunch of pictures from the event click on the links below.,7097/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2,7099/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2,7103/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2,7108/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2,7124/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2

5. Jackson Goldstone turned 10 and it looks like he got a new helmet for his birthday.

1621735 209874462547883 765243839 n2084423156

We also caught up with him just a couple of days ago. Click here for the whole interview. 

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